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Morgan Harper Nichols : ...In that moment, I was speechless...

From Morgan Harper Nichols  -  Tonight after the show, two young women walked up to the table with their journals, and in them were poems of mine they had written down. This was a special moment for me because before this moment, I had never seen something I had written in my journal written down in someone's journal in their handwriting.  In that moment, I was speechless.  As I wrote "Morgan Harper Nichols" beneath the words, it was an humbling reminder that you just never know where your words will land. You never know what will happen when you try to put grace into words and how they can possibly resonate with someone you've never met.  I think perhaps the reason I was speechless in that moment was because God was speaking and He just wanted me to listen and to take it all humbling. I really needed this tonight. Thank you. I will never forget this moment.  - #morganharpernichols   

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